Eco-Friendly Approach

We all see the words “green” and “environmentally friendly” over-used by companies trying to enhance their appeal to potential customers, no matter what type of industry they are in. The landscape industry often uses the word “green” to invoke the same emotion and to bring a feeling of nature to their image. At Allcare Landscape, we take our responsibility to do our part to protect the environment seriously. For example, we compost all of the organic wastes generated by our grounds maintenance division and use that compost to enhance our topsoil. We have also undertaken a program to upgrade many of our machines that operate on a 2-cycle system, (oil blended with gas), that has reduced our pollution output in those engines by approximately 70%. Another initiative that we have undertaken uses all natural ingredients, (these ingredients are found in your kitchen cupboard), to control weeds in stone areas and along curbs, as well as to control certain plant pests. These are just 3 of the many initiatives that we have instituted in the last few years to do our part to protect our environment for our childrens’ future.