Planning your project

All great works begin with a plan. Like a road map on a trip, a good design brings you to your desired destination (result) with the least trouble and greatest satisfaction.  Our designs are the culmination of years of experience on our part in both the planning and execution side of landscape works.  A good plan always ascertains that the desired result will be achieved, but does so without creating unnecessary costs that can be caused by a poorly thought out or “piece meal” plan.  


A plan however is ultimately only a vision until it is installed on your property. Our team of installers is captained by our general foreman, a man with over 25 years experience with the company.  The spirit and integrity of every design is guaranteed by the team that installs in conjunction with daily consultation with the staff designer who is responsible for the project.  And best of all, all of our installations are supported by a warranty.  There is peace of mind knowing that the company has been in business for over 3 decades and will be around to support your warranty….or to provide the installation of your next landscape project at your home, cottage, or your next home.

Maintenance Services

After the project is installed, we can offer you the ease of enjoyment by providing maintenance services that are necessary to keep your investment in great condition, and make your place the envy of your neighbours.

Allcare Landscape Services


• Personalized landscape design

• Creative planting and garden design.

• Water feature specialists: ponds, waterfalls, bubbling rocks, rainwater harvesting.

• Natural stone specialists: walls, gardens, walkways and patios.

• Poolscapes.

• Interlocking brick and retaining walls.

• Complete landscape installations or smaller landscape enhancements.

• Think of us as your interior decorator 'outside'.

• Year round commercial and residential grounds care programs.